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    Chủ đề: OBO

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      Mặc định OBO

      Qui ước thương mại :
      - Sản phẩm chống sét lan truyền OBO có phát hành bảng giá duy nhất trên toàn lãnh thổ Việt Nam.
      - Chiết khấu bán hàng : 10% (giá bán = 0.9 x giá trên bảng giá).

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      Trực tiếp tại địa chỉ Công ty TNHH Thiết Bị Điện SONG HUỲNH
      Gọi điện thoại (84-8) 22165982 - 22165981
      Gửi Fax (84-8) 62577926
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      Hoặc có thể vào www.thietbidienphongvu.com để nhận bảng giá chính thức

      Thông tin sản phẩm :
      Minor cause, major effect:
      damage caused by surges

      Our dependency on electrical and electronic equipment continues to increase, in both our professional and private lives. Data networks in companies, for auxiliary equipment in hospitals and fire departments for example, are vital for the real-time transfer of information that has long since been indispensable. Sensitive databases, e.g. in banks or media publishers, need reliable transmission paths.
      It is not only lightning strikes that pose a latent threat to these systems. More and more frequently, today´s electronic aids are damaged by surges caused by remote lightning discharges or switching operations in large electrical systems. During thunderstorms, too, high volumes of energy are instantaneously released. These voltage peaks can penetrate a building through all manner of conductive connections and cause enormous damage.

      What are the consequences of damage caused by surges in our daily lives?
      The most obvious one is the destruction of electrical equipment. In private households, these are specifically:

      * TV/video recorders
      * Telephone systems
      * Computer systems, hifi systems
      * Kitchen equipment
      * Monitoring systems
      * Fire alarm systems

      The failure of such equipment certainly incurs great expense.

      What happens when the following suffer outage times/consequential damage:

      * Computers (loss of data)
      * Heating and hot water system
      * Lift, garage door and roller shutter drive
      * Activation and/or destruction of the fire/burglar alarm system (costs incurred by false alarm)?

      A “vital” topic perhaps, particularly in office buildings.

      * Can your company continue to operate smoothly without a host computer or server?
      * Have all important data been backed-up in good time?

      Growing sums of damage
      Current statistics and estimates of property insurers reveals: damage levels caused by surges – excluding consequential or outage costs – long since reached drastic levels due to the growing dependency on electronic “aids”. It´s no surprise, then, that property insurers are checking more and more claims and stipulating the use of devices to protect against surges. Information on protection measures is contained, e. g. in Directive VDS 2010.
      Principles transient and lightning protection systems | pdf [an error occurred while processing this directive]
      Surge protection power supplies | pdf [an error occurred while processing this directive]
      Surge protection telecommunications technology, data technology, measurement and control technology, TV, video, sat and radio | pdf [an error occurred while processing this directive]
      Protective and isolating spark gaps | pdf [an error occurred while processing this directive]
      Measuring and test systems | pdf [an error occurred while processing this directive]

      OBO system solutions for photovoltaic systems
      OBO MCD-Sets
      ÜSM-A fine protection
      CombiController V50
      MultiBase base MB 50
      Lightning barrier MDP
      Life Control
      SurgeController V10 Compact
      The new V10 plug-in surge arrestor
      LightningController: now also with visual display
      Surge protection for TV receiver units
      Coordinated LightningController
      Surge protection - Selection with system

      OBO system solutions for photovoltaic systems | pdf 2.5M
      OBO MCD-Sets | pdf [an error occurred while processing this directive]
      ÜSM-A fine protection | pdf 226k
      Lightning barrier MDP | pdf 358k
      CombiController V50 | pdf 208k
      SurgeContoller V10-C | pdf 91k
      MultiBase bases | pdf 96k
      Lightning arrestors MC50 and MCD50 | pdf 137k
      Surge protection for TV receiver units | pdf 91k
      Coordinated LightningController | pdf 73k
      Surge protection systems | pdf 621k


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