John Hight: This has been a enjoyable experience for us as well. We woke up one morning and we realized, "Oh my gosh, we're helping two of WOTLK Gold the games." Two big MMORPGs. It's been great to watch the team sort of rally in support of the cause. Everyone is involved We're trying to determine how to achieve this while supporting the two communities of players, while acknowledging the fact that some communities cross-over and there are those who play both sports. It's been a bit of a logistical challenge for us however I'm really happy with the way the team is meeting the challenge.

This is our first expansion with the Classic community, and frankly it's all from home. The last expansion was in Modern and now this expansion for Classic, it's been great to see the team doing this. We're all looking forward to the time when we can reconnect in person. I can hear Brian's laughter coming down the hall and instead of just at the top of the hill.

World of Warcraft : Shadowlands Collector's Edition Is Now Available For Pre-Order

The most recent World of Warcraft expansion, Shadowlands is due to be released later this year, marking the eighth expansion of the popular MMO. Livestreaming today, Blizzard revealed a Shadowlands Collector's edition that is available for order now. It offers a slew of physical collectibles along with digital goodies.

It is available for $120. World of Warcraft : Shadowlands Collector's Edition includes the Epic edition game code that allows the Shadowlands expansion along with a host of in-game content:

Level 120 characters boostEnsorcelled Everwyrm riding mounts that fly of cheap WOW WOTLK Classic Gold Eternal Traveler transmog set questAnima Wyrmling petWraithchill cosmetic weapon effectEternal Traveler's World of Warcraft0 game days playing World of Warcraft : Shadowlands Collector's Edition - $120

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