Hãy nối các câu sau đây sử dụng từ nối nguyên nhân –kết quả bằng because,therefor
1. Soft iron is used in electrom agnets.
Soft iron can be magnetized easily .
2. The voltage is 250 V and the current 5 A.
The resistance is 50 ohms 3. Pvc is used to cover cables.
Pvc is a good insulator.
4. Transistors can be damaged by the heat.
Care must be taken when soldering transistors.
5. Capacitance is usually measured in microfarads or pico-farads.
The farad is too large a unit.
6. Output transistors are mounted on a heat sink.
Output transistors generate heat
7. It is easy to control the speed o f DC motors.
DC motors are used when variable speeds are required.
8. A cathode ray tube screen glows when an electron beam strike it .
The screen is coated with a phosphor.

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