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      Mặc định Electronic Devices on Discrete Components for Industrial and Power Engineering

      Electronic Devices on Discrete Components for Industrial and Power Engineering
      By Vladimir Gurevich

      Publisher: CRC
      Number Of Pages: 432
      Publication Date: 2008-01-25
      ISBN-10 / ASIN: 1420069829
      ISBN-13 / EAN: 9781420069822
      Binding: Hardcover

      Product Description:

      Is it possible to design and make automatic devices for industrial and power engineering without microcircuits and microprocessors and without complex power supplies?

      Electronic Devices on Discrete Components for Industrial and Power Engineering answers the question above with a resounding “Yes!” by describing ten original automatic devices based exclusively on modern discrete components. The book reveals that devices based on high-voltage transistors and thyristors as well as miniature vacuum and high power gas-filled reed switches are actually much simpler to implement and more reliable than traditional devices. By identifying elementary functional modules and the basic working principles of semi-conductor devices, the text allows for the construction of complete automatic devices. It also contains an extensive reference section that includes information on modern high-voltage bipolar, FET and IGBT transistors, thyristors and triacs, as well as reed switches.


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