Bộ chuyển đổi USB sang RS485, hình dáng nhỏ gọn như Flash Disk USB. Giao tiếp ổn định, dùng download/ upload cho S7-200 cũng được luôn (không muốn nói là quá tốt).
Driver hỗ trợ cả WIN 7 nên anh em cứ yên tâm về OS mà thiết bị hỗ trợ.
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U-485:Mini USB to RS485 converter,only flash size, RS485 is the terminal,baud rate 300 bps ~1Mbps

U-485 is the USB to RS485 converter. The power supply of the product is from the USB port, and no need external power. Use the unique zero-delay automatic sending and receiving conversion technology and baud rate adaptive technology. Plug-and-play, suit for all software, and have the transceiver control. And it's in the high resistance state when not sending data.,support multi-point communication, which is different from other similar cheap products in market. There is built-in anti-static anti-lightning circuit in the product. This product with sending/receiving indicator is only flash size.

Features and technological index:

1) USB port provide power, no need other power supply
2) Output is terminal 2 wire half duplex RS485 port
3) Wire should be over 0.5mm 2 in Cross-sectional area shielded twisted pair
4) Max communication distance is 3000M(4800bps), 2000M(9600bps),
5) Max communication network is 32 points
6) Communication speed is 300bps~1Mbps
7) Support UART: Data position 5,6,7,8. Stop Position: 1,1.5,2. Comparison Postion:
odd/even/mark/blank/no parity
8) Surge protection: Can withstand up to 600W voltage surge, protection from static
voltage and thunder
9) Installation method: 35mm standard din rail
10) Working temperature: -20 to 70C
11) Size: 65X22X12mm

Hardware Installation:

Hình ảnh sản phẩm:

Giá bán: 800.000/cái

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