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      :::Ho Chi Minh city University of Technology -[^.^]- Faculty of Electrical & Electronics Engineering
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      Mặc định chú ý - giải thưởng thiết kế bộ tiết kiệm điện của Schneider Electric Vietnam

      Energy Efficiency, Innovate Automation to Save Our planet


      He added: "This is the reason why Schneider Electric Vietnam to launch its new program for promoting energy efficiency solutions and technologies":
      In order to promote this campaign, Schneider Electric Vietnam to organize a competition for students who are interested on this topic, "Energy Efficiency, Innovate Automation to Save Our Planet" with below timing:

      * Kick-off: October 2008
      * Submit proposal: November 2008
      * Select proposal to final stage:Dec 2008
      * Select proposal to build prototypes: Jan 2009
      * Presentation & Prizing: May 2009.

      Competition Theme:

      Energy Efficiency, Innovate Automation to Save Our Planet.


      There are two seperate contests tobe held in Hanoi and HCMC. Cash prizes for each contest are as following:

      * 1st Prize (02): VND 20,000,000/team (*)
      * 2nd Prize (02): VND 10,000,000/team
      * 3rd Prize (02): VND 5,000,000/team
      * Encourged Prize (04): VND 2,000,000/team

      (*) Will be attended in South East Asia Competition in Singapore hosted by Schneider Electric. Prizes are below:

      * 1st Prize (01): S$ 7,000/team (VND 85,000,000)
      * 2nd Prize (01): S$ 5,000/team (VND 60,000,000)
      * 3rd Prize (01): S$ 3,000/team (VND 30,000,000)

      Terms and Regulations of Competition:

      1. This competition is open to all students, with a team max. 5 persons.
      2. The proposed project must be focused on the theme of competition and selected Schneider Electric products.
      3. Each team is allowed to select up to 10 items from product list fortheir project proposal. All the products selected must be used in the project. Please click here to see detailed.
      4. Purchase of other necessary product components will be reimbursed up to $200 per team. VAT invoice(Tax invoice) must be required.
      5. Each team can submit as many projects as they wish via email or post to Schneider Electric Office. The address is below.
      6. All proposal must be sent before November 15th, 2008. Late entries are not accepted.
      7. All entries must be in hard copy or in pdf. format soft copy, less than 2 pages (not including illustrative drawing and schematic diagram). The pdf. file must be named as:'team_name'_'proposal_title'_EE_Competition_200 9.pdf

      Ex: bachkhoawatersolutionEEcompetition2009.pdf

      8. All proposal entries must include below information:

      * Team names and member list
      * Introduction
      * Description of the proposal
      * Detailed engineering description and schematic diagram
      * Analysis on ROI (Return On Investment)
      * Budget of product components may be used
      * Conclusion.

      9. Succesfull entries into final will be notified by mail and telephone before December 5th, 2008.
      10. The selected entries will be received further information regarding to the projects
      prototyping on December 15th, 2008. The prototype must be built in accordance to the proposal and tobe completed latest on May 8th, 2009.
      11. Each team will present their project with the prototype on May 15, 2009. Timing and Venue will be announced soon.
      12. The final results will score based on following criteria:

      * Creativity: 20%
      * Originality: 20%
      * Functionality: 20%
      * Practicality: 20%
      * Higest ROI with shortest duration: 20%

      13. The decision is made by board of judges. No correspodence on the results will be entertained.

      Products List

      As defined on the Regulation, Each Team can select Max. 10 items from Schneider Electric products list to fullfill their own project. Of course, we provide it FREE for you. Click here for down load file


      You could send us your proposal entries via by email:

      or via by post:

      Customer Care Department
      Schneider Electric Vietnam
      Unit 2.9, 2nd Floor, e-town building
      364 Cong Hoa, Tan Binh District, Hochiminh
      Customer care Toll free: 1800 - 585858

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      Mặc định

      anh này làm ở Schneider hay sao vậy.
      anh tên gì vậy, em kết Schneider lắm đó.
      nice to meet you.

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      Ho chi Minh City
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      Mặc định Ðề: chú ý - giải thưởng thiết kế bộ tiết kiệm điện của Schneider Electric Vietnam

      Các bác muốn tìm hiểu thêm về mảng enery efficiency thì down mấy file này về tìm hiểu nhé. Hi vọng giúp được mấy bác.


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