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      :::Ho Chi Minh city University of Technology -[^.^]- Faculty of Electrical & Electronics Engineering
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      Mặc định Wind & Solar Ebook- Ebook về năng lượng gió mà mặt trời English ^^~

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      Chi tiết:

      Wind and Solar Power Systems

      Mukund R. Patel (Author) | 1999 | ISBN: 0849316057 | 369 pages | PDF | 6,5 MB

      Wind and solar energy are pollution-free sources of abundant power. With renewable power generation expected to become more and more profitable with open access to transmission lines and rapid growth around the world, the design, operation, and control of alternative energy resources becomes an essential field of study. "Wind and Solar Power Systems" provides a comprehensive treatment of this rapidly growing segment of the power industry. It provides the fundamentals of wind and solar power generation, energy conversion and storage, and the operational aspects of power electronics and the quality of power. It covers in detail the design, operation, and control methods applicable to stand-alone as well as grid-connected power systems and discusses the present status of and the on-going research in renewable power around the world."Wind and Solar Power Systems" stands as the most modern, complete book available on renewable energy. Electrical, environmental and mechanical engineering professionals along with policy-makers evaluating the renewable energy potential of their regions will find in it the background and the details they need for decision making. It provides the fundamentals of wind and solar power generation. It shows the engineer how to design a key features of the power system. It details the operation and control of stand-alone and grid-connected systems. It presents methods for extracting maximum power from a given site and discusses power quality issues. It offers profitability charts for quick estimates of the market potential of sites. It discusses past and present industry trends and its future growth potential. It includes energy maps of several countries useful for assessing the energy potential of any site.

      Wind Energy Handbook

      Wiley | 2001 | ISBN: 0471489972 | 642 pages | PDF | 5,1 MB
      As environmental concerns have focused attention on the generation of electricity from clean and renewable sources wind energy has become the world's fastest growing energy source. The Wind Energy Handbook draws on the authors' collective industrial and academic experience to highlight the interdisciplinary nature of wind energy research and provide a comprehensive treatment of wind energy for electricity generation.
      Features include:

      * An authoritative overview of wind turbine technology and wind farm design and development
      * In-depth examination of the aerodynamics and performance of land-based horizontal axis wind turbines
      * A survey of alternative machine architectures and an introduction to the design of the key components
      * Description of the wind resource in terms of wind speed frequency distribution and the structure of turbulence
      * Coverage of site wind speed prediction techniques
      * Discussions of wind farm siting constraints and the assessment of environmental impact
      * The integration of wind farms into the electrical power system, including power quality and system stability
      * Functions of wind turbine controllers and design and analysis techniques

      Wind Energy Explained - Theory, Design and Application

      Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
      Author: James Manwell, J F Manwell, J G Mc Gowan
      Language: English
      No. of Pages: 590
      PDF | 28,4MB

      Recent years have seen a growth in the implementation and economic viability of wind energy technology. This safe and abundant source of clean, renewable energy is now making a significant contribution to electricity supplies worldwide. Addressing the growing requirement for information on the theory and practical application of wind technology" Wind Energy Explained" provides a thorough introduction to this multi-disciplinary field.

      This authoritative and accessible textbook: Provides an overview of wind energy technology, charting the development of the first modern wind turbines. Discusses the characteristics of the wind resource and the atmospheric boundary layer. Outlines the aerodynamic principles and mechanics of the wind turbine, before going on to consider the electrical aspects of energy conversion and generation. Examines key issues of wind turbine design and wind system control. Offers guidance on turbine siting and integration issues and analyses the economic benefits of wind energy generation. Considers the environmental impact of single turbines and wind farms and the design of wind systems for minimal visual impact. Provides a comprehensive set of tutorial problems based on the contents on each chapter. The comprehensive coverage ranging from wind turbine control and operation to system design and public policy will appeal to engineering students from a variety of backgrounds. Practitioners new to the field of renewable energy will find this a valuable introduction to an emerging energy source.

      This authoritative textbook is intended to provide both a thorough and highly accessible introduction to the cross-disciplinary field of wind engineering. The economic viability and political appeal of wind power is on the increase, making this text a timely addition to the literature. Developed to complement the increasing number of renewable/wind energy courses now available End-of-chapter tutorial sections (solutions manual available) Combines both academic and industrial experience giving the text a dual market appeal Comprehensive coverage spans every aspect of wind energy engineering

      Wind power in power systems

      Thomas Ackermann (Editor)
      ISBN: 978-0-470-85508-9
      742 pages
      March 2005
      PDF | 10,6MB

      As environmental concerns have focussed attention on the generation of electricity from clean and renewable sources, wind energy has become the world’s fastest growing energy source. The authors draw on substantial practical experience to address the technical, economic and safety issues inherent in the exploitation of wind power in a competitive electricity market. Presenting the reader with all the relevant background information key to understanding the integration of wind power into the power systems, this leading edge text:

      * Presents an international perspective on integrating a high penetration of wind power into the power system
      * Offers broad coverage ranging from basic network interconnection issues to industry deregulation and future concepts for wind turbines and power systems
      * Discusses wind turbine technology, industry standards and regulations along with power quality issues
      * Considers future concepts to increase the penetration of wind power in power systems
      * Presents models for simulating wind turbines in power systems
      * Outlines current research activities

      Essential reading for power engineers, wind turbine designers, wind project development and wind energy consultants dealing with the integration of wind power systems into distribution and transmission networks, this text would also be of interest to network engineers working for power utility companies dealing with interconnection issues and graduate students and researchers in the field of wind power and power systems.

      Wind Energy Fundamentals Resource Analysis and Economics

      ISBN: 3540309055
      Title: Wind Energy: Fundamentals, Resource Analysis and Economics
      Author: Sathyajith Mathew
      Publisher: Springer
      Publication Date: 2006-02-27
      Number Of Pages: 246
      PDF | 2,3MB
      The book covers all the major aspects of wind energy conversion technology. In contrast with other publications on this subject, the author gives due emphasis to wind resource analysis and its economic aspects. The subject is treated from its basics and gradually developed to the advanced level. Such a treatment caters the needs of readers with different subject backgrounds. Each section is discussed with illustrative examples and practical problems. Software, based on the analytical techniques

      1 Introduction 1
      2 Basics of wind energy conversion 11
      3 Analysis of wind regimes 45
      4 Wind energy conversion systems 89
      5 Performance of wind energy conversion systems 145
      6 Wind energy and environment 179
      7 Economics of wind energy 209

      Wind Turbines : Fundamentals, Technologies, Application, Economics

      Author : Erich Hau
      ISBN-13: 9783540242406
      ISBN-10: 3540242406
      Pages : 783, xviii, 783 p. :
      Place of Publication : Western Europe
      Publication Date : 11/15/2005
      PDF | 61,9MB

      http://www.mediafire.com/file/mtjytm...Economics .pdf
      Wind Turbines addresses all those professionally involved in research, development, manufacture and operation of wind turbines. It provides a cross-disciplinary overview of modern wind turbine technology and an orientation in the associated technical, economic and environmental fields. It is based on the author's experience gained over decades designing wind energy converters with a major industrial manufacturer and, more recently, in technical consulting and in the planning of large wind park installations, with special attention to economics. The second edition accounts for the emerging concerns over increasing numbers of installed wind turbines. In particular, an important new chapter has been added which deals with offshore wind utilisation. All advanced chapters have been extensively revised and in some cases considerably extended

      Wind Turbine Control Systems

      Fernando D. Bianchi, et al | Springer | ISBN 1846284929 | July 2006 | PDF | 2,5 Mb

      Modern wind turbines generally operate at variable speed in order to maximise the conversion efficiency below rated power and to reduce loading on the drive-train. In addition, pitch control of the blades is usually employed to limit the energy captured during operation above rated wind speed. The higher complexity of variable-speed variable-pitch turbines is offset by the benefits of control flexibility, namely, higher conversion efficiency, better power quality, longer useful life; because of the immediate impact of control on the cost of wind energy, reliable high-performance controllers are essential in making wind technology competitive.

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      Mặc định Ðề: Wind & Solar Ebook

      các bác có tài liệu gì tiếng Việt về pin mặt trời không share cho e với,tiếng anh trình e kém quá.với lại e mới tìm hiểu nên chưa rõ lắm.Cả sách về bộ tăng điện áp boost nữa nhé.hì hì

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      Mặc định Ðề: Wind & Solar Ebook

      Không hay là chú Long lại biết nhiều về Solar power như vậy, hôm nào cho anh thọ giáo nghe . Tường

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      Mặc định Ðề: Wind & Solar Ebook

      hi. Bên A có lớp hội thảo hay tổ chức chương trình dạy về phong điện không vậy? e rất muốn quan tâm về lĩnh vực này.
      chào thân ái

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      Mặc định Ðề: Wind & Solar Ebook

      admin mà sao upload link MF chán thía> check ;lại giúp cái. Mình sẽ download ủng hộ bạn.

      Upload sang host MU hay FS hay FSC cũng được.

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      Mặc định Ðề: Wind & Solar Ebook- Ebook về năng lượng gió mà mặt trời English ^^~

      Anh ơi, em đang làm đồ án về năng lượng gió, tên đề tài của enm là :" MÔ HÌNH TOÁN DFIG TRONG ỔN ĐỊNH LƯỚI ĐIỆN" nếu anh có tài liệu thì anh share cho em với nha, em cảm ơn anh nhìu nah. đây là mail của em : doankhoa2020@gmail.com. nếu anh kg phiền thì gởi cho em nhé.

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