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New snippets of the MT NBA 2K24 MyPLAYER builder and NBA templates are here

2K has revealed new details about the NBA 2K24 MyPLAYER builder, introducing a new NBA template system that players on Xbox and PS5 will want to check out.

NBA 2K24 from Visual Concepts is coming, and basketball fans can rejoice; we don't want to say too much out of pocket ahead of NBA 2K24's release date, but it could indeed be one of the best sports games of the year.

We know NBA 2K24 doesn't care much about PS4 and Xbox One, but it does care about giving you as much control as possible when building MyPLAYER. So, it looks like 2K got some content creators to show us what we're aiming for and explain what's going on. You'll be happy to know, some very interesting things happened.

If you want to get into the game faster, you can choose from new NBA 2K24 MyPLAYER templates. As content creator "Joe Knows" explains here, these NBA template options let you quickly choose stats that match the signature style of some of your favorite NBA players. Sure, you might not hit their NBA 2K24 ratings right away, but you still have the potential of 99 OVR and all their animations.

Interestingly, you can also customize these preset NBA template builds. "Joe Knows" does explain that you'll lose the signature aspects of each build, but it's still a great way to set yourself up with a nice stat pick before you dig any further.

Content creator "Bashworld" also took a look at the NBA 2K24 MyPLAYER builder ahead of the NBA 2K24 Early Access period, saying it's a great feature for new players - it should help them familiarize themselves with the system In competition, get into action faster than ever before.

But it’s worth noting that not every player in NBA 2K24 will have access to this feature. Therefore, your favorite may not actually have an NBA template available to use. Still, you should find another one that's similar enough.

On top of that, as content creator 'Uncle Demi' explains, when you create your own player, you won't be able to choose your body type initially. However, you will be able to customize your height, weight, and wingspan. These will change the maximum potential of your statistics, which will be limited and changed if you choose a pre-built NBA template.

Of course, you can also choose your location. Once you've decided on all of these aspects of your player, you'll be able to start actually selecting your stats. When you choose where to assign attribute potential, you'll notice that the builder itself will highlight which badges you can earn with certain stats. It's described as "easier to navigate" than before and should help you tailor your MyPLAYER build to suit your needs and play style.

As you can see below, it might look a little complicated at first glance, but it's a more intuitive system that should make it easier than ever to create a proper version of NBA 2K24 MyPLAYER.

While NBA 2K24 is making MyTeam more pay-to-win with the new Player Market feature, it sounds like it's also improving the MyPLAYER builder. So, it's not all bad. NBA 2K24 also sees the return of the MyNBA era with LeBron James at forward and center - another fantastic new feature we can't wait to check out. We do, however, recommend keeping an eye on NBA2king.com for the latest Cheap MT NBA 2K24 news, you'll need them.
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